A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Two years have passed since the destructive Second Galactic Civil War. For the first time in nearly a century, the galaxy is at peace. Reconstruction has begun on worlds affected by the war. Diplomatic efforts have been made to bring member systems of the Confederation and Hapes Consortium back into the Galactic Alliance fold. Under the new leadership of Jagged Fel, it now seems likely that the Imperial Remnant will join the Galactic Alliance.

Jacen Solo’s fall to the dark side (and rein of terror as Darth Caedus) has strained the relationship between the Jedi Order and the GA. There are some in power who wish to see the Jedi punished for their desertion at the Battle of Kuat and subsequent attacks on GA property in their efforts to stop Caedus.

House Rules:

- “Move Object” force power variant:
despite the roll’s numerical value, the object moved inflicts/receives the damage for it’s size category.
- “Dodge” feat:
Dodge is ran as a passive defense always active, rather than against a specific target.
- Force Point – daily variant:
the allotment of force points is class based, as per the core rulebook, but on a daily basis (instead of per level).
- Block/Deflect talents:
the Block and Deflect talents in the Jedi class’s lightsaber combat talent tree are treated as 1 talent if selected at 1st level. (For equality, other classes may group 2 talents at 1st level with GM permission)



- Force Anchor (trained only; standard action):
With a successful Use The Force check, the player may “anchor” their feet to a horizontal object with the force. The player is then “anchored” to the spot until they release or are removed. If the object is a vehicle in motion, the check is in opposition to the vehicle’s Pilot check and be done each round if the pilot is attempting to dislodge the force user. If the object would require a climb, jump, or balance check to get to, the check must be successful first.
- Force Flash (trained only, “Ionize” force power; swift action):
The player can momentarily disrupt surveillance equipment (audio/visual) with the force. They must have “Ionize” in their force power suite, this does not deplete the use of the “Ionize” power from the players force power suite.

Broken Alliance

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