Zane Neiluss

Average build, dark-haired and fair-skinned. Wears a veil over his eyes that matches his simple robes.


Age 20; Gender Male; Height 1.8 m; Weight 79 kg
Hair Color Black; Eye Color N/A; Skin Pale; Build Average

Class Jedi CL 4
Size: M Species: Miraluka
Force Points 7; Dark Side Points 0
Init +0; Senses Perception +15
Languages Basic, Miralukese
Defenses Ref 17 (flat-footed 16), Fort 16, Will 19
hp 40; Threshold 16
Speed 6 squares
Melee unarmed +4(1d6+2)
Melee Lightsaber +4(2d8+2)
Base Atk +4; Grp +4
Force Powers (Use The Force +15) Farseeing, Force Disarm (2), Force Grip (2), Force Slam, Mind Trick, Move Object, Negate Energy (2), Rebuke, Vital Transfer

Abilities Str 10(0), Dex 10(0), Con 10(0), Int 10(0), Wis 16(+3), Cha 16(+3)
Talents Block/Deflect, Force Perception
Feats Force Sensitive, Force Training (3), Improved Defenses, Martial Arts I, Skill Focus (Use the Force), Weapon Proficiency (Lightsaber, Simple)
Skills Acrobatics +7, Perception +15 (Force Perception Talent), Use The Force +15
Possessions Lightsaber, Apprentice Robes, Crystal Necklace


Zane was born 23 ABY on Alpherides, the pastoral and isolated homeworld of the Miraluka race. Though his infancy was spent with his birth parents, the Yuuzhan Vong War would strip young Zane of his family before his third birthday.

The evacuation of the planet in 26 ABY was utter chaos: people were piled into overcrowded shuttles and flown into any space-worthy vessels that could make hyperspace. Zane was split from his family as they were herded into the evacuation vessels. Taken from his family, Zane was shepherded into a crowded and uncomfortable cargo hold. Afraid and alone, the young Miralukan’s senses were overwhelmed, as he became acutely aware of the deaths of thousands in the force: the ruthless Vong corralskippers destroyed over half of the fleeing ships.

Though the child was deeply frightened and emotionally traumatized, the force was with him. Zane was found and taken in by an elderly Thisspiasian named Neloo. It would be his caring voice that would calm the boy, and help him through his grief.

After four days, several chaotic transfers, and another costly run-in with the Vong, the survivors were gathered in a large refugee camp on Tanaab. The Miralukan would spend the remainder of the war here; growing to early childhood and becoming close enough with his adoptive father that he took the Thisspiasian’s surname, Neiluss, as his own.

With the conclusion of the War in 28 ABY, many of the refugees returned to their homeworlds to rebuild and carry on with their lives. However Neloo had grown ill, and the pair were transferred to a care center in Pandath. The Thisspiasian barely recovered, but had diminished to the point he could no longer safely survive outside the hospital. Zane would spend the next two years caring for his adoptive father as he slowly slipped away. On Zane’s seventh birthday, Neloo gave him the only possession he had taken with him as he fled Thisspias: a simple crystal. The young Neiluss was deeply moved by the gift, and quickly fashioned the object into a necklace. This happiness was short-lived, however; Neloo died two days later.

With nowhere else to go, Zane was taken in by the hospital. Zane volunteered to assist the nurses and doctors, and quickly became a welcomed face to both the patients and the staff. Zane comforted the sick and assisted the infirm. These three years would be a stark contrast to his dark, fearful, and dismal years previous. His life was abruptly changed, however, when Zane discovered he could heal those with his touch.

Zane had heard of the force; he had even known his “vision” was due to his race’s unique relationship with the force. He had cared for the veterans of the Vong War, and had heard the tales of the Jedi, and of their amazing feats using the force. That his healing powers were an inherent harnessing of the force he had no doubt in his mind. Though he loved the hospital in Pandath, he had long yearned for more. The stories of the galaxy Neloo had told him, as well as the stories he had heard from those in the hospital, helped form his decision. After a tearful goodbye, and with credits kindly given to him by the hospital staff, Zane found himself on Ossus in 34 ABY.

Zane was accepted into the Academy, and quickly immersed himself in the new lifestyle. The adolescent Miralukan was among the best in his class in force application, surpassing even a number of older students. He also possessed great defensive ability with the lightsaber, lasting against the training remotes and defensive sparring sessions far longer than all of his peers. However, his combat skills were declared to be severely lacking: Zane refused to harm or even attempt to harm another being, even in training. Zane’s experiences with death and the results of fighting from his earliest memories had left the Miralukan firmly against harming others. While Zane’s quirk irked several of his peers and teachers, particularly Kam Solusar, his wife Tionne defended the adolescent Neiluss, even taking Zane under her wing. The two developed an almost familial relationship, and there was talk of Zane becoming Tionne’s padawan.

The events of the Gallactic Alliance’s siege of Ossus in 40 ABY during the Second Galactic Civil War would forever alter Zane Neiluss. He was among the padawans gathered when the insane major Serpa began shooting off Tionne’s arms and legs with a blaster. After Jaina, Zekk, and Jagged Fel managed to kill the GAG snipers, Zane was among the first padawans to attack his captors and torturers. Using a lightsaber from a fallen Knight, the Miralukan slew three GAG troopers, killing the third with his bare hands after losing his lightsaber and being shot in the leg by the final trooper. The enraged Zane had to be physically restrained by a number of the surviving padawans as he witnessed Major Serpa and the few remaining troopers being escorted out by Zekk.

Zane came out of that event changed. He refused full bacta treatment, and developed a small limp as a result. When asked, his reasoning was “so I can always remember.” He joined in the lightsaber and personal combat sparring, though he focused the entirety of his training on disarming and immobilizing his opponent. Though this chagrined his combat teachers, he simply stated that he “had learned all he wanted to know about taking life.” He would continue to improve and refine his control over the force, becoming one of the best of his group. His relationship with his peers became more distant, and while he was still pleasant enough to those around him, he stayed introverted more often than not. Zane’s personal relationship with the Solusars fell apart shortly after Tionne recovered, and shows no sign of ever recovering.
The Zane Neiluss of 43 ABY is unchanged from the Zane after the Siege on Ossus. He is quiet, though pleasant; never seeking conversation but never hostile to it. He wields a simple padawan’s lightsaber, with a blue blade. His limp is barely perceivable, but becomes more pronounced when he runs. His hair is as black as midnight and is closely-cut, in a military fashion. His stance is straight and without excess slouch, but his head is oriented downwards, like he is always deep in thought. He prefers to wear his robes loosely with the hood up. He wears a simple brown veil from his nose up, though with his hood and downward gaze many do not at first see this. His voice is pleasant and his vocabulary is educated, though he sometimes sounds distant and enigmatic.

Zane Neiluss

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